Alternate titles : Halloween : Homecoming

Tagline : "Evil finds it's way home"

Halloween : RessurectionSet 3 years after "Halloween H20", college student Sara Moyer (Bianca Kajlich) and a group of teens from her University win a competition to appear in a live webcast on Halloween night from the old Myers house in Haddonfield.

The 6 students have a simple task, all they have to do is spend the night checking out the house with their clip-on cameras for the people watching at home. Of course, none of them take things too seriously. Particularly after they catch the organiser, Freddie Harris (played by rapper Busta Rhymes), stirring things up by planting fake body parts around the place and leaping out at them from the shadows wearing a Halloween mask.

What they don't know of course is that one of the houses former occupants has come back home for Halloween, and is none too receptive towards these unwanted visitors. Yes Mikey Myers is back in town, through a few twists in plot it turns out that he wasn't killed at the end of the last movie (now there's a surprise), and so proceeds to go around hacking, stabbing and slashing throats of all in his house.

Of course, the people watching the events over the internet think it's all a joke that's been put on for the cameras. The remaining people in the house think that their missing friends are simply part of another one of Freddie's practical jokes. Only Sara realises that something is genuinely wrong, but with the doors all locked, the windows boarded and a killer hiding in the shadows, getting out is going to be no easy task.

Whilst I wouldn't say that the film is a waste of time, it was a bit of a comedown from Halloween H20. The plot twist showing how Myers survived was a bit silly, and there were quite a few horror cliches. But there were some good kills, it was good to see Jamie Lee Curtis making a guest appearance as Laurie Strode for the films intro and rapper Busta Rhymes was hilarious as the wise cracking, kung-fu fighting, production company boss Freddie Harris. So, overall I'd say the film is enjoyable, but pails in comparison to the previous film.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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