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Tagline : "More of the night HE came home."

Halloween 2Set straight after Part 1, Dr Loomis (Donald Pleasance) is shocked to discover that, despite being shot and falling from an upstairs window, Myers obviously survived and is still on the prowl.

Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) is taken to the hospital, whilst Doctor Loomis resumes his search with the Police to try and find Myer's before he can kill again. But Michael isn't too willing to give up his prey so easily and follows Laurie to the hospital, randomly bumping off a few townsfolk to satisfy his bloodlust en route.

On arrival he proceeds to do away with the defenceless staff, using some quite innovative but gruesome methods. Including drowning nurses in scalding water, stringing up guards with a lamp cord, sticking syringes into peoples eye's and bleeding patients to death by unplugging their hypodermic drips.

Whilst all this is going on, Dr Loomis discovers the REAL reason why Michael has returned to his home town of Haddonfield and gone on the rampage, so rushes to the hospital to save the day and stop Myers once and for all (putting a whole new shine on the phrase "going out with a bang")!

Though not one of John Carpenter's favourites, I found this highly enjoyable. Perhaps a touch darker and a bit gorier than the first, but equally chilling and overall a bloody good film!

Overall Marks : 8/10

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