Alternate titles : Halloween 6 : The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween 666: The Origins of Michael Myers

Tagline : "Haddonfield is ready to celebrate Halloween - so is Michael Myers."

Halloween : The Curse of Michael Myers6 years on from the events of Part 5, we discover that Jamie Lloyd (now played by JC Brandy) and Michael Myers were abducted by some satanic cult at the end of the last film, who are holding them in the basement of an old hospital. It seems Jamie is somehow pregnant and the cult are preparing her newborn child for sacrifice. But fortunately she manages to escape with the baby and heads back to Haddonfield. However, she doesn't quite get there, as Michael Myers comes after them.

Having managed to hide the baby somewhere safe, before Myers caught up to her. It's later found by Tommy Doyle (played by a pre-Ant Man Paul Rudd), who was one of the young children being looked after by Laurie Strode in the first film. Knowing that Michael has returned to Haddonfield and why, he teams up with the very much retired Dr Loomis (Donald Pleasance), who has also heard what has happened and returned to Haddonfield and togethor they try and unravel whats going on with Myers and this cult.

In the meantime, the man-in-black from Part 5 has also returned to Haddonfield and has taken a peculiar interest in the young son of Kara Strode, Danny. The Strode's, relatives of the family who adopted Laurie, live in the old Myers house (bad idea) and the mysterious man-in-black, along with Myers, seems to have them under constant surveillance.

After the cult kidnap Danny, Kara and Jamie's Baby. Tommy Doyle and Doctor Loomis trace them back to the Smithsgrove sanatarium. But why are they based there, why is Myers allowing them to look after him and could the man in black be someone they already know?

A much better film than Part 5, but the only problem is that you really need to have seen ALL the other Halloween films (except Part 3) to fully understand all the plot twists. Particularly seeing as all the characters are connected, or related to characters from the other movies. Being a die-hard Halloween fan, I was was pleasantly surprised with this one, which is actually quite a good film. But is let down by all the unnecessary plot twists and the confusing storyline, which although answers many questions from the previous film, leaves us with even more.

Old Donald Pleasance was knocking on a bit at this point, so much of the action was left to Paul Rudd who played Tommy Doyle, but it was still good to see him crooning on in his old role. Sadly, this was to be Donald Pleasance's final film before his death in 1996 and the film was subsequently dedicated to his memory. A pity that he didn't have a more memorable film dedicated to him.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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