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Tagline : "The Night NO ONE comes home."

Halloween 3 : Season of the WitchHaving blown up the 2 main characters in the last film, but believing there was still more money to be made from the Halloween series, John Carpenter decided to make this third film with all new characters and an entirely different plot. Brilliant (NOT) !

Yes that's right "Halloween 3" a sequel that is not a sequel as such. The story this time starts off with an old man, who is taken into Hospital suffering from exhaustion and anxiety, clutching a Halloween mask and muttering "They're going to kill us all". Hours later he is dead and his attacker incinerated when his car explodes in the car park outside.

Bewildered by these bizarre events, Dr Dan Challis (Tom Atkins) teams up with the victims daughter Ellie and try's to uncover what happened. They trace her fathers last known whereabouts to the Silver Shamrock mask company, located in the small Californian town of Santa Mira, where he was to have collected a consignment of Halloween masks from.

There they meet the sinister Conal Cochrane (Dan O'Herlihy), the head of the company, who has a fiendish trick-or-treat planned for the children of America. It turns out the masks kill whoever is wearing them on Halloween night, in an extremely improbable manner.

To compound the films unfeasibility further, it turns out Cochrane has also (somehow) stolen a monolith from Stonehenge for some reason. Also the workers in the mask factory are all androids and, in another unlikely plot twist, the first Halloween film is shown playing on the TV during the film.

To be fair, viewed on it's own merits, this is actually quite a good horror film (despite it's unlikely premise) and if this had been released under a different title as a stand alone film, and not as a Halloween psuedo-sequel, this wouldn't be a bad film. But as it is, it just comes across as a dissapointingly poor sequel. Only see this if you are a completist like myself.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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