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Tagline : "Evil has a destiny"

Halloween (2007 remake)With Hollywood remaking horror classics left, right and centre, it was only a matter of time before they turned their attentions to John Carpenter's cult classic. With horror rocker Rob Zombie at the directors reigns, what we have here is a virtual rewrite of the original with a few nods here and there to some of the key scenes.

Concentrating mostly on the origins of the films killer Michael Myers, we see young Michael (Daeg Faerch), as the product of an abusive step-father. Also being bullied at school, he finally flips out one Halloween, killing the bully, then his elder sister and her boyfriend and finally his abusive step-father.

Committed to a mental institution and placed under the care of Dr Samuel Loomis (Malcolm MacDowell), he spends 15 years trying to reach him before finally deciding he is beyond help. But when the senior doctors decide to move Myers (played by WWF wrestler Tyler Mane) to a prison facility on the anniversary of his crime, he breaks loose, kills his guards and after donning his familiar white mask, returns to his home town of Haddonfield.

When Dr Loomis, who's busy promoting his new book, hears about the breakout, he realises where Michael is heading and with aid of the local sheriff (played by horror veteran Brad Douriff) attempts to stop a blood bath from ensuing. But why has he returned, and what ever happened to Myers younger sister?

Most of the cast of Rob Zombies earlier film "The Devil's Rejects" turn up in various supporting roles, along with horror B-movie stars Dee Wallace, Clint Howard and Horror veteran Udo Kier who plays the head of the Smithsgrove sanitarium.

Whilst the film does have some good moments, overall I was distinctly unimpressed. I felt the film wasted far too much time concentrating on Myers younger years, which really wasn't necessary. The ending, with Laurie being chased around the old Myers house, just really seemed tired and clichéd and there were a couple of killings I thought just didn't really make sense, though I can't say what without spoiling the plot.

OK, it's not as bad as some of the sequels to the original, but it's no way near as good as Carpenter's original movie.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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