Alternate titles : Zombie, Zombies, Zombie-Dawn of the Dead, Zombies-Dawn of the Dead

Tagline : "When there's no more room in Hell......The Dead will walk the Earth."

DescriptionSome 10 years after "Night of the Living Dead" George Romero followed up his original zombie horror with this bloody, violent and quite gruesome, but extremely enjoyable, seventies sequel. In which the bodies of the recently dead have once again started coming back to life and attacking the living.

With the zombie plague getting out of hand, as the police and national guard fail to contain the situation, two members of a Philadelphia SWAT unit, Roger (Scott Reineger) and Peter (Ken Foree), decide to get out of the city with the help of their friends Stephen (David Emge) and Francine (Gaylen Ross), who have taken a helicoptor from the TV station where they work.

Finding an abandoned, out of town shopping mall, they decide it couild be the perfect palce to set up shop and quickly set about barricading the doors, sealing all the entrances and wiping out the zombies still inside.

But when an army of bikers show up and try to re-open one of the entrances so they can loot the mall, the zombies move back in and the group find themselves in the middle of a war zone between the looters on one side and zombies on the other. Producing some spectacularly gory scenes as zombies are blasted left and right and bikers are devoured in loving detail.

Whilst I love all of Romero's original "Living Dead" films (he would go on to make some more in the early 00's, which were not in same calibre), Dawn is definitely my favourite. Originally heavily censored in the UK by the BBFC who took a dislike to Tom Savini's gore effects, the film has since been passed uncut so we can now enjoy it in all its gory glory!

Overall Marks : 9/10.

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