Alternate titles : Night of the Flesh Eaters.

Tagline : "They won't stay dead!"

Night of the Living DeadThe low budget horror, that re-defined zombie films. George Romero's classic starts innocently enough, with a young couple, Barbara (Judith O'Dea) and her brother Johnny, visiting their mothers grave in an out of town cemetery. Johnny is joking around, talking about the dead coming back to life, when from out of nowhere, they are suddenly attacked by a REAL zombie.

With Johnny lying in a bloodied mess on the floor, Barbara flees to a nearby farmhouse looking for help, where she is soon joined by six others, who are also seeking refuge from the zombie menace. As night falls, they then find themselves under siege from the flesh eating ghouls, who are attempting to break in from all sides. Matters are complicated by the fact that one of them, Mr Cooper (Karl Hardman) is only interested in looking after himself and is constantly fighting with one of the other survivors, Ben (Duane Jones) over what they should do.

With hoardes of undead massing outside, the people inside squabbling over the best method of surviving the night, and all attempts at making a break for it ending in disaster (trying to fuel up you truck whilst fending off zombies with a burning torch is never advisible), it looks increasingly like the group may well tear each other to pieces even if the zombies don't.

Filmed back in 1968 using old black and white film stock, "Night of the Living Dead" started life as a B-movie, but quickly went on to become a true horror classic in it's own right. Although looking somewhat dated by today's standards, the film still holds up pretty well and should be required viewing for any serious horror fan.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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