Alternate titles : Zombie 2

Tagline : "First there was "Night of the Living Dead", then "Zombies - Dawn of the Dead". Now, the darkest day of horror the world has ever known."

DescriptionFollowing several years on from the events of "Dawn...", the third in George Romero's "Living Dead" films takes place in an underground military bunker, where a group of scientists and army types are still looking for ways to defeat the undead

But things are looking bleak, as they have lost contact with the other bases, reconnaissance missions have found no other survivers. Whilst hoardes more zombies continue to mass outside their base each day, as their supplies continue to dwindle. Then to make matters worse, the military officer in charge, Captain Rhodes (Joseph Pilato), threatens to abandon the base with his men and leave the scientists at the mercy of the undead if they don't come up with some results and soon.

As Sarah (Lori Cardille) and the other scientists struggle to find a way getting the dead back to their graves, one of them, Dr Logan (Richard Liberty) claims the answer lies in domesticating and taming them. Even managing to train a pet zombie named Bub to follow his commands. But will Rhodes carry out his earlier threat when he discovers his methods, or will the undead over run them first (I think we all know the answer to that)?

If you love gore, you'll love this film, the end battle containing some of THE most goriest moments in the whole series. As brains are splattered up walls and soldiers are pulled to bits during the finale.

A really great movie, featuring plenty of gore and lots of action which is a must see for all zombie fans. An otherwise terrific conclusion to his "Living Dead" series, or would have been had it not been his lacklustre belated follow up in 2005 with "Land of the Dead" (the less said about that, Romero's subsequent rebooted series of zombie films, or the dreadful remake(s) of this, the better)

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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