Alternate titles : "Twilight of the Dead", "Dead Reckoning".

Tagline : "The dead shall inherit the Earth."

Land of the DeadThis long awaited fourth instalment of George Romero's "Living Dead" series takes place in an unspecified American city, where the last remnants of humanity have holed up against the living dead.

The city serves as the last outpost of civilisation, having its own power source, heavily walled off against zombie attack and surrounded on 3 sides by a river. Unfortunately, there's a huge poverty gap between the people on the streets and the wealthy ruling classes that live in a luxury apartment block named 'Fiddlers Green'.

With the dead outside beginning to evolve into a more intelligent species, Kaufman (Dennis Hopper) the city's ruler, is alarmed by the threat of civil war breaking out, after a group of mercenaries, lead by a renegade named Cholo (John Leguizamo) steals the militaries main battle tank 'Dead Reckoning' and threatens to use it on the Fiddlers Green complex if their demands aren't met.

Hiring a fellow mercenary named Riley (Simon Baker) to stop him, his mission becomes a race against time as the living dead manage to break into the city and run amok with the population, whilst he attempts to retrieve the battle tank in the hopes of pacifying the situation before the dead take over.

Also starring Asia Argento (Dario's Daughter), Romero fans will undoubtedly love this, although whilst I thoroughly enjoyed it, I felt it didn't quite have the same epic feel the other movies did. Look out for Tom Savini in a guest role as a zombie biker.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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