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Tagline : "When there's no more room in Hell...The dead will walk the earth"

Dawn of the Dead (2004)Being one of the many people who cried "heresy" when I heard "Dawn of the Dead" was being remade (particularly after seeing the decidedly average "Texas Chainsaw" remake some months previous) it was with much apprehension that I approached this. So what did I make of it? Read on..

Set in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (away from the familiar Pennsylvanian trappings of Romero's original films). The story revolves around young nurse, Ana Clark (Sarah Polley), who awakes one morning to find that suburbia has turned into the apocalypse overnight.

A virus outbreak has ravaged the population, turning the infected into zombies, who attack the living. Attempting to drive away from the ensuing chaos, she finds herself stuck on the outskirts of town where she hooks up with a stranded policeman named Kenneth (Ving Rhames) and several other lost souls.

Taking refuge in a nearby shopping mall, they form an uneasy alliance with the security guards within. But with the undead outside continuing to mass, and with news that the military and government has fallen, the question remains as to how long they can they survive, and what will be left of the outside world even if they do?

Despite my initial reservations, the fact that Romero had nothing to do with this and it was penned by the same guy behind the Scooby Doo film (what????), I was actually won over and was extremely impressed by this re-imagining of Romero's original film by newcomer Zack Snyder.

Somewhat more akin to "28 Days Later", with zombies that can run like hell as opposed to shuffling round aimlessly, the film features plenty of shootings, bloodshed and ample gore, which was refreshing to see in this current climate, where horror films are virtually blood free. Whilst this may not be quite as good as Romero's original 1978 version, this is still a very worthy homage and definitely worth adding to your collection.

Overall Marks : 7:10

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