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Tagline : "She'll Possess You, Then Destroy You. She's Death on Wheels, She's... Christine"

ChristineSet in the late 1970's, High school student Arnie Cunningham (Keith Gordon), is out with his friend Dennis (John Stockwell) when he impulsively buys an old Plymouth fury he sees for sale, with a view to fixing it up, much to the chagrin of his parents.

Regarded as something of a loser and a nerd by his fellow students, soonafter, people begin to see a noticeable change in him. As well as his appearance altering, he becomes more assertive, his grades at school start to slip, he becomes exceptionally foul mouthed towards his parents and the more time he spends fixing up the old car, which he names Christine, the more radically different he becomes.

When a bunch of high school bullies break into his garage and wreck up the car one night, his friends are surprised to find the car fully repaired shortly afterwards. But become even more concerned when the gang members responsible for the damage start to die in mysterious road accidents soon afterwards.

The police have their suspicions, but Arnie appears to have an alibi for the night of each death, so if he isn't responsible, then who was driving the red Plymouth Fury seen at each crime? Them when his best friend Dennis starts looking into the cars previous owners, only then does he discover why Arnie hasn't been himself lately...

Based on the novel by Steven King, this cult early 80's shocker from noted genre director John Carpenter, "Christine"still proves to be and exceptionally chilling and suspenseful watch. So if you're a fan of either King or Carpenter you should definitely enjoy it.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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