Alternate titles : District 13, The Seige

Tagline : "A White Hot Night of Hate!"

Assault on Precinct 13Not to be confused with the less memorable 2004 remake, Officer Ethan Bishop (Austin Stoker) is a new Lieutenant with the Highway Patrol. It's his first night out and is somewhat dismayed to find his first assignment being to simply watch over an old police precinct whilst the occupants relocate to the new station.

At first things are fairly boring, with nothing to do but stare at the packing crates and redirect the occasional caller to the new station. The only other people in the building being a couple of office workers, a desk sergeant and a couple of prisoners on route to the county jail who've had to postpone their journey.

However things change very rapidly when a distraught man rushes in and collapses at the main desk, claiming he's being chased by someone. Before the remaining staff can work out what he's talking about, the power and telephone lines go out and they find themselves being shot at by snipers with silencers.

Outmanned, outgunned and with no way of calling for help, Bishop and the surviving staff members, along with the two prisoners, end up fighting along side each other with the few weapons they have, as the gang members lay siege to the building and attempt to wipe out everyone inside.

More of an action/suspense thriller than a horror picture, but one I'm sure that exploitation/cult movie lovers will thoroughly enjoy. This is definitely one of John carpenters better works.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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