Alternate titles : None.

Tagline : "Man is the warmest place to hide".

The ThingSet in the frozen wastes of Antarctica, the occupants of a US research facility are surprised when a husky dog runs into their compound, chased by a bunch of gun toting Norwegians from another facility.

Unfortunately their helicopter crashes killing the crew, leaving the American team somewhat bewildered as to why they were shooting at a poor dog. However, as night falls, the dog they rescued starts undergoing a hideous transformation and attacks the other huskies in their kennels.

Having dealt with the bizarre creature that emerged from the dog, a small group of people from the facility, lead by R.J MacCready (Kurt Russel), head on over to the Norwegian base to see what happened there.

It turns out that the Norwegians had discovered something frozen under the ice that was not human, and made the mistake of thawing it out. It seems that the dog was actually some sort of alien being that takes over the life forms it kills, and are now faced with the worrying prospect that anyone of them could be infected with the alien organism and have no way of telling who, or how many are.

Suspenseful, gripping, action packed and filled with extremely gruesome special effects (courtesy of special effects maestro Rob Bottin), it's kind of hard to imagine that this was a reworking of the old 50's B&W monster movie "The Thing from Another World".

Undoubtedly John Carpenter's goriest film, which marked the height of his most prolific period, and one that no self respecting horror connoisseur should be without in his collection.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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