Alternate titles : Trucks.

Tagline : "Stephen King's masterpiece of terror directed by the master himself."

Maximum OverdriveEmilio Estevez plays a hapless worker at a remote truck-stop diner. When an electric knife in the kitchen area just starts up on its own and cuts the hand of one of the waitresses, it marks the start of a series of bizarre incidents involving machinery.

Shortly afterwards, a trucker gets fuel sprayed in his face by a wayward pump nozzle and the gaming machines in the back start spraying money out. Elsewhere, confusion reigns as draw bridges start to raise on their own, whilst still carrying traffic. Vending machines fire cans of drink at people and cash machines call the people using them "assholes".

But when the lorries parked up outside suddenly spring to life and begin circling the building, mowing down anybody who ventures out, the staff and customers find themselves under seige.Fortunately, the manager of the truck stop has a hidden stash of weapons that can, hopefully, allow them to break out. But with all vehicles and machinery throughout the country also running rampant, what awaits for them outside?

Released at a time when Stephen King films were doing big buisiness at the box office and directed by the author himself. This is not your typical sort of Stephen King adaptation, being more of a campy action/comedy film, than a proper horror. Which is probably why it got such a negative reception upon it's original release.

However, it's actually hugely enjoyable and bloody good fun to watch. It's action packed, gory and has an excellent hard rock soundtrack by AC/DC to boot!

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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