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Tagline : "Now there's a new name for terror..."

DescriptionFilmed at a time when Stephen King adaptations were doing big business at the box office, Cujo tells the tale of a loveable St Bernard dog that turns nasty after a rabid bat bites it on the hooter (I'll avoid making any jokes about "my dog has no nose").

After turning on its owner and despatching him in a suitably gory fashion, who should turn up at the chaps farmhouse, but a young mum (played by Dee Wallace Stone) and her son, who want him to take a look at their car, which has been playing up lately. Of course they find themselves being met by the rather unfriendly St Bernard, and end up taking refuge in their car, which (predictably) then refuses to start.

Trapped in their vehicle, they find themselves continually fending off attacks by the bloodthirsty dog who keeps trying to smash its way inside, whilst we continually have to listen to the woman's shrieking and her young son bawling his head off all the while.

Directed by Lewis Teague, who also directed the killer croc film "Alligator", this is definitely NOT one of the better Stephen King adaptations. The film over all seemed quite slow, plus there is only so much interest watching 2 people stuck in a car can hold, and I must say I found the constant screaming and bawling done by the the young lad to be extremely annoying.

I can only really recommend this one to die hard Stephen King fans, otherwise you're best skipping this. Also, where's "Beethoven" when you need him (or Lassie, for that matter)?

Overall Marks : 3/10.

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