Friday the 13th Part 3 title

Tag Line : Camp Crystal's Bloody Legacy

Friday the 13th Part 3Set on the same weekend as the events of part 2, a group of teenagers decide to visit their families old holiday home, "Higgins Haven", which is located somewhere on the Crystal Lake shoreline (presumably a bit further on from the camp in part 2).

Unfortunately for them, Jason (played this time by Richard Brooker, and who's appearance is strangely significantly different from part 2) is still prowling about, and after acquiring an Ice Hockey Mask from one of his victims, goes on another bloody rampage and proceeds to do away with the holidaying teens in much the same manner as before.

Heads are crushed, people are slashed with knives, hacked up with machetes, stabbed with red hot pokers, impaled on pitchforks and shot with harpoon guns in this entertaining and in some places, quite amusing third entry into the series.

The film was originally filmed for the 3D market, which makes some of the scene's look rather peculiar now the 3D effects have been removed (unless you get the new special edition US DVD), although the eye popping scene and the shot with the harpoon gun are quite interesting.

I rather get the impression that this film was only made to cash in on the short lived craze of 3D movies that appeared in the early-mid 80's. (one remembers Jaws 3D and the appalling Amityville 3D). This is not the best in the series but is still quite good in places.

Mind the axe though!

Overall marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • The design of Jason's hockey mask came about quite by accident. The producers didn't want to use the bag idea from Part 2 again as the stuntmen had complained how it restricted their vision, so wanted to use some sort of mask instead. During production, director Steve Miner spotted one of the extras fooling around with an old leather hockey mask on set and lliked the look of it, so they made a hard copy out of plastic, and that became Jason's trademark for the rest of the series.

  • The electronic "disco" music used for the opening credits was by Michael Zagar. The rest of the movie recycled Harry Manfredini's musical cues from the previous films.

  • A lot of gore was trimmed from the US version in order to gain an R-rating. These shortened all the death scenes, which were originally longer, bloodier and more drawn out.

  • Richard Brooker, a former circus trapeze artist, got the job as Jason after answering a casting ad in a trade magazine. Steve Miner chose him for the sole reason he wanted a large guy to play Jason. Brooker had only one further acting role, the part of Ogris in the movie "Deathstalker", before turning his hand to TV production and direction. He continued to work in the TV industry, predominantly producing sports and daytime shows for the US TV networks and was a regular on the convention circuit until his sad death in 2013..

  • The TV newscaster was played by director Steve Miner.

  • The US "R" rated version was submitted to the BBFC, only to suffer another short cut in order to gain a UK 18 certificate. Which removed the scene of a mangled dead body up in the ceiling joists dripping blood down onto a girl below, who is then knifed from behind. This scene was missing from both the theatrical version and video release, though it was re-instated for the UK DVD.

  • Whilst the previous films were shot on location, this movie was filmed on an existing movie set, namely the Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch in California, which was also the setting of many 50's cowboy films.

  • There was a different ending originally filmed in which the surviving girl is actually killed during at the end of the movie. This version omitted the dream sequence of Mrs Voorhees bursting out of the lake, and instead shows the surviving girl getting out of the canoe the following morning and going back to the cabin, only to find Jason stood in the doorway who cuts off her head with an axe.

  • Carl Fullerton was asked to return to do the special effects, but had to decline as he was working on another film at the time. As a result, effects shop MEL inc, got the job.

  • The lake used in this was constructed specially for the film. They dug out a section of ground and pumped water into it from a nearby well. The cabins used in the film were still standing up until the 90s, unfortunately they were burned down by arsonists. As of 2010, the old barn constructed for the film is still standing.

  • Larry Zerner, who plays Shelley, was offered the job after one of the producers spotted him outside a cinema handing out flyers to a horror film and asked him if he'd like to appear in one..

  • The film was banned outright on video in Germany, but passed uncut for a DVD release in 2001.

  • "The Royal" cinema in Toronto Canada owned one of the few original 3D prints of the film still in existence and used to show it at a special screening once a year, however the cinema apparently changed hands some time in 2006, so it is not known if this is still screened.

  • The US "Deluxe" DVD release in 2009 was of the 3D version, however this release didn't start the 3D effects till AFTER the opening credits. Channel 4 TV in the UK screened the proper 3D version with the opening credits in 3D in 2009.

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