Friday the 13th
Part 2

Tag Line : The Bodycount Continues

Friday the 13th Part 2 Five years on from the events of part 1 and Camp Crystal Lake stands derelict and abandoned once more. Since its closure, there have been no more problems, no more murders, but the appearance of a new camp next to the lake is about to change all that.

Ignoring the warnings about the infamous area, a counsellor training centre has opened up on the lakes shoreline. But the owner and the trainee counsellors seem unconcerned about the history of the area, believing the legend of Jason Vorhees to be a myth and that there's no more danger now that his demented mother (the killer from part 1), is dead.

Unfortunately somebody sinister is still roaming the area and Camp Crystal Lake isn't so empty and abandoned as we were lead to believe. Enter Jason, who made a brief appearance at the end of part 1, and another bloodbath ensues.

There's plenty of shocks and scares, not to mention plenty of blood, as Jason (played by stuntman Steve Dash, as opposed to Warrington Gillette who is listed in the credits) picks up where his mother Pamela left off and dispatches the counsellors in the same gruesome fashion as was seen in the first film.

This was most definitely a worthy sequel, equally chilling and scary, with gore aplenty! Jason's character seems somewhat different in this film, coming across as a demented hillbilly character, complete with bib-n-brace jumpsuit and lumberjack shirt, rather than the psychopathic zombie that he appears as in later sequels.

Jason had yet to acquire his now legendary Ice Hockey Mask and so spends the film running around with a bag over his head.

Overall Marks : 8/10

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Part 2 was directed and produced by Steve Miner, who also worked on the first film as co-producer.

  • The soundtrack was provided again by Harry Manfredini who scored part1.

  • Jason's character was dressed to look exactly like the killer from the 1979 film "The Town that Dreaded Sundown".

  • The Films pre-credit Intro is apparently the longest in cinematic history, with it being 15 minutes long in some versions.

  • The film was heavily trimmed to achieve an "R" rating in the US, this removed a close up of Jeff and Sandra being double-impaled whilst lying on the bed, and also removed or shortened close up shots and blood spurts from each killing.

  • Tom Savini was asked to return to do the special effects, but declined in favour of working on copycat film "The Burning". Carl Fullerton, who was a protege of special effects legend Dick Smith, was subsequently hired.

  • Although Warrington Gillette was originally hired to play Jason, he was actually fired shortly after filming began due to his inability to perform his own stunts. As a result, stuntman Steve Dash played him for most of the film. However, as a prosthetic face had already been specially made and the films budget wouldn't stretch to recasting Steve Dash's face, Gillette had to return for the unmasking scene. Also, due to contractual obligations, Gillette was the one who received the credit as playing Jason, even though Dash did the majority of screen work.

  • The UK release is the same as the US "R" rated version.

  • The severed mummified head of Mrs Voorhees shown during the final scene was actually an actress wearing cosmetic effects make-up. The final shot of the film was to have shown the head open it's eyes and smile, but the director decided against this and so used a freeze frame of the head instead.

  • Actor Warrington Gillette left acting to become a stock broker and, believe it or not, became involved with some dodgy dealings on the stock exchange. As a result he had to be enrolled in the  FBI's witness protection programme after testifying against several organised crime bosses who were involved in the scam. Oh dear! These days he has his hands in several different businesses, to do with internet marketting and financial consulting. He has also started producing his own horror movies.

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