Alternate titles : Amityville 8

Tagline : "Hell has found a new home."

Amityville Dollhouse (Part 8)Yet another mediocre entry into this overdly long running horror franchise, which continues the theme started in part 4 with another home being menaced by an article from the old Amityville household. "Part 4" had a lamp, "Part 6" featured a clock, and "Part 7" a mirror. So what do we have in Part 8? Read on....

Bill Martin (Robin Thomas) has just moved his family into a new house, everything is going well until a mishap in the garage crushes his stepdaughters new bicycle, which was meant as a birthday present. Fortunately, all is not lost as he finds an old dollhouse in the shed, which he quickly dusts off in time for her party.

By an amazing co-incidence, the dollhouse is an exact replica of the old Amityville house from part 1 (you can see where this is leading) and so of course it isn't too long before all sorts of wierd stuff starts happening at the Martin household.

The families car comes to life and nearly gasses Bill, a pet mouse mutates into a giant rodent which hides under the children's beds. Step-mother Claire (Starr Adreeff) starts lusting after Bill's son Todd (Allen Cutler), a zombie axe man starts stalking the house, mummified killer hornets proceed to attack them and finally a portal to hell opens up in the fireplace.

Fortunately, none of this seems to really bother them, and help is at hand when a good colleague of theirs, a biker named Tobias (Franc Ross) who just happens to hunt demons in his spare time, pops round to help sort out their problems.

Whilst this is not the best in the series, its not the worst either (part 3 has that dubious honour). As with the other later sequels you don't really need to see any of the previous movies to get the gist, but to be honest, this is one that can only be recommended to die hard fans of the series, or if there's bugger all else on late night TV.

Overall Marks : 3.5/10.

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