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Tagline : "In 1976 a New York family fled this house with their lives. The previous owners weren't so lucky... This is there story"

Amityville 2 : The PossessionWhilst the first Amityville film wasn't exactly the greatest of movies, it certainly made enough money at the box office for the filmmakers to decide a sequel was in order. So, they decided to follow it up with a fictionalised account of the real-life tragedy that befell the house's previous occupants.

The movie starts by showing us the Montelli family (based on the DeFoe family who lived there in real life), who are just moving into their new house. But of course, as soon as they move in the problems start. The family continually rows with each other, the father (Burt Young) starts beating on the younger children. The local priest, Father Adamski (James Olson), comes round to bless the property and blood suddenly appears on the bedroom floors and finally the teenage son, Sonny (Jack Magner) starts hearing voices telling him to kill the others.

Father Adamski believes that the house is possessed and asks permission to perform an exorcism, but of course his superiors don't believe him and refuse to let him do so. Meanwhile Sonny continues to hear voices and finally flips, grabbing one of his fathers rifles, then goes round the house shooting the rest of his family.

Sonny's defence lawyer and Father Adamski attempt to get him off the hook by proving he is possessed by demons and ask that he be released so the church can perform an exorcism. But, not surprisingly, the judge throws their case out of court. But when Sonny breaks custody and hides back at his parents house, Adamski tracks him down and manages to perform an exorcism on him, in an ending that is ripped straight off "The Exorcist".

Adapted for the screen by Tommy Lee Wallace, who also worked on the earlier Halloween movies, the story is very loosely based on the book "The Amityville Murders" by psychic medium Hans Holzer. But altering the real-life story and mixing in other supernatural elements, in an attempt to cash in on the success of "The Exorcist". Which not only takes a lot of liberties, but would no doubt be considered downright offensive towards to the real life victims of the Amityville murders in todays overly sensitive politically correct climate.

But all other criticisms aside, this is really just a badly made movie, so take my advice and AVOID THIS AWFUL FILM!!!!!!!

Overall Marks : 3/10.

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