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Tagline : "A Return to the Most Dangerous House in the World."

The Amityville CurseOwing nothing to the previous films, this in-name only sequel takes place at another house in Amityville Long Island, as we see homebuyers Marvin (David Stein) and Debbie (Dawna Wightman) move into an old building in the same neighbourhood.

As they settle in and begin renovating the property with the help of their friends (one of which being a pre-"Prison Break" Kim Coates) they soon realise that things are not as they should be (well they wouldn't be would they?).

Problems start with strange noises from the basement (how original), then the former housekeeper Mrs Moriarty (Helen Hughes) turns up murdered by an unseen assailant. The ghostly apparition of a boy hanging from the garden tree keeps appearing and Debbie keeps experiencing strange nightmarish visions about something sinister lurking under the house.

It turns out that the property used to be the old rectory for the nearby church, where a priest was murdered some 12 years earlier. But what has this to do with Debbie's nightmares or the ghostly apparitions? Is the house really cursed, and can Debbie put an end to it? Well, you'll just have to find out for yourselves!

Undoubtedly one of the weakest of the series (not that any of them are particularly good that is), which in my view was very reminiscent "The Changeling" (I also noticed a few similarities with "Demons 3 : The Ogre") to be honest this could have been made as a standalone horror film, as it really has nothing to do with the other films, except that it's set in the New York state's Amityville, Long Island (it's not even the same house).

Definitely one for completists only, this is the sort of movie you'd only watch if it happened to be on TV late at night and there was nothing else on.

Overall Marks : 3/10.

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