Alternate titles : Amityville : It's About Time, Amityville : Face of Terror, Amityville 6

Tagline : "Beyond time...Beyond evil..."

Amityville 1992 : It's About Time (Part 6)Aping the basic plot of "Amityville 4", architect Jacob Sterling (Stephen Macht) buy's an old antique clock for his new house. But of course you don't have to be a genius to work out where this clock has come from and what is going to happen next.

It starts off with him being bitten by his neighbours dog, despite the fact that his neighbour hadn't been out with her dog that day. Black sludge proceeds to come out of the taps instead of water and time seems to slow down whilst everybody in the house starts experiencing strange hallucinations of death and murder.

One of the neighbours, Mrs Wheeler (Nita Talbot), seems to know what has been going on, but before she can tell anybody gets run over by an ice-cream truck.

In the end, Jacob flips his lid and, being an architect, designs a whole housing estate full of Amityville style houses and then tries to kill his partner Andrea (Shawn Weatherly) and her counsellor Dr Stafford (Jonathan Penner). His daughter Lisa (Megan Ward) also goes a bit wacko and attacks her brother Rusty (Damon Martin), who manages to fend her off by shoving a guitar lead into her mouth and plugging the other end into his amplifier, which proved to be highly comical.

Whilst none of the Amityville movies are particularly brilliant, this one is well below average. The film was essentially another reworking of John Jones's "Amityville The Evil Escapes" novel which they also based part 4 on. But the film really seems to have missed the point and with a couple of tweaks, could have been a stand alone horror movie, as the link between this and the other films is so tenuous.

To be quite honest, I wouldn't bother with this, unless you are a die hard fan of the series. Look out for B-movie actor Dick Miller who makes a breif appearance as one of the neighbours.

Overall Marks : 3/10.

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