Alternate titles : Amityville 1993

Tagline : "The Image of Evil"

Amityville : A New Generation (Part 7)Another unrelated direct-to-video sequel which, like it's predecessors, seems to be loosely based on author John Jones "Amityville : The Evil Escapes" novel. For this outing, a young photographer, Keyes Terry (Ross Partridge), is given an old ornamental mirror from a homeless man, only to find his friends start dying in mysterious circumstances shortly afterwards.

His next door neighbour and her ex-boyfriend are the first to meet a mysterious end after looking into the mirror. Then he starts hearing strange voices and experiencing weird visions about a shooting that took place at the old Amityville house (though apparently, not the same shooting as the DeFoe murders that preceeded the events in the original film).

As the story unfolds it turns out that the old mirror was once part of the Amityville house and the tramp was another lunatic who shot his family there. Matters are also confused after the police officer investigating the two deaths, Detective Clark (Terry O'Quinn), discovers that the old tramp is also Keyes father and it turns out that he had deliberately tracked down Keyes to pass this mirror onto him.

Further weird things happen at the films climax, during an art exhibition at Keyes apartment which is supposed to end with a re-enactment of the shooting from his visions, with his friends to playing the victims. As the power goes out, ghostly apparitions of the dead neighbour appear, and everyone gets a shock as Keyes turns up for the re-enactment armed instead with a loaded shotgun, rather than a super-soaker (yes, but is it art?).

Whilst not the greatest of horror films this is still relatively watchable movie, even though it lacks in originality. The film also features appearances from many horror B-movie actors, such as David Naughton, Richard Roundtree and of course Terry O'Quinn. If there's sod all else on TV, I'd say give it a try.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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