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Tagline : "The Only Thing More Terrifying Than The Last 5 Minutes Of This Film Are The First 90".

SuspiriaAnother Argento murder/mystery, this time also working supernatural elements into the plot. Jessica Harper stars as young American dance student Suzy Banyon, who enlists at an exclusive European dance school in Germany, only to do battle with a vicious murderer and an unholy evil influence.

The problems start when she first arrives at the academy late one night. As she goes to call at the front door, one of the students suddenly runs out of the building and into the pouring rain in a state of distress.

After finally gaining entrance, Suzy soon realises something is amiss. Strange noises can be heard at night, students start to go missing at an alarming rate, then she discovers that the girl she saw run past her when she first arrived has been killed.

But there's something a lot more sinister going on than a simple killer on the loose, which may have something to do with the school being founded by a witches coven many years ago.

Visually stunning, and exceptionally surreal, featuring a whole slew of brutally graphic murders and an appearance by a rather young looking Udo Kier (albeit dubbed with an American accent). This is a highly enjoyable horror flick, which Eurohorror fans should thoroughly enjoy!

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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