Alternate titles : Horror Infernal.

Tagline : "Terror that's hotter than Hell."

InfernoFilmed hot on the heels of Suspiria and sticking with the same theme, about a coven of witches. The setting this time is a high rise apartment block, where one of the tenants, Rose Elliot (Irene Miracle) has discovered that all is not as it seems.

Her first clue that something is amiss follows after she buys an old book from a nearby second hand shop, about a group of witches called "The Three Mothers", which was apparently written by an old architect who built their houses. As she reads on, she discovers that her apartment block is one of the buildings being described in the book (another being the German Dance Academy in Suspiria).

It turns out that the block of flats is the secret residence of Mater Tenebrarum (Mother of Darkness). Rose writes off to her brother Mark (Leigh McCrosky) who is studying at a music school in Rome asking him to urgently visit her as she now believes her life is in danger, following her discovery. But before he can arrive in New York, Rose is murdered by an unseen killer.

Meanwhile, Marks classmate Sara (Eleonora Giorgi) happens to read the letter his sister sent him, and decides to do a bit of investigating herself. It turns out that the music school in Rome they are studying at is the residence of the THIRD of the Three Mothers, Mater Lacrimarum. But before she can contact Mark about this, she is also killed.

Mark starts to investigate his sisters disappearance, only to discover himself the evil that'ss lurking within the building. Knife wielding killers, hidden passageways, and sub-terrainian basements are thrown into the mix of murder, mayhem, magic and alchemy to produce a horror film that is even more bizarre and surreal than Suspiria, but equally as enjoyable.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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