Alternate titles : Primitif, Savage Terror, Der Todesschrei Der Kannibalen.

Tagline : "Captured by flesh-eating savages."

The PrimitivesOne of the lesser known cannibal films from the late 70's, this one, which was actually an Indonesian production for change, as opposed to the Italians who dominated the cannibal sub-genre during this period, revolves around a group of students, who go into the Pangayan jungle to observe the primitive tribal customs of one of the native villages.

Deciding that the local tribesmen are a bit too civilised to be worthy of study, they bribe their guides to take them deeper into the jungle in search of some real primitives, which has predictably grim results. As their raft overturns, the group becomes separated, and they find themselves being picked off by the local wildlife and a tribe of cannibals that happen to be living nearby.

Captured and dragged back to their cave, the surviving members of the group are subjected to various indignities, as the tribe prepare to turn them into their next film (though I'm not sure native women would be wearing lipstick and eye shadow, as evidenced here). Cannibal film aficionados may get more than just a sense of Deja-Vu in watcxhing this, not least because it appears to borrow several scenes from the film "Last Cannibal World", including footage lifted directly from it.

Certainly one of the more unusual cannibal movies, although perhaps the most bizarre thing about is the soundtrack, which not only opens with the song "We are the Robots" by 70's techno artists "Kraftwerk", it also utilises tracks from the likes of Jean Michelle Jarre, Klaus Wunderlich and even lifts some of John Williams "Star Wars" music.

Not quite as gory or violent as the other films of this ilk, with the exception of a few yucky scenes of animal killing (an alligator being gutted and an orang-utan having its head split open), but it's certainly odd enough to warrant a viewing by cannibal film enthusiasts.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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