Alternate titles : The Cannibals are in the Streets, Cannibals in the Street, Cannibals in the City, Cannibal Apocalipsis, Apocalypse Domani, Apocalipse Cannibal, Apocalipsis Caníbal, Cannibal Massacre, Hunter of the Apocalypse, Savage Apocalypse, The Slaughterers, Savage Slaughterers, Invasion of the Flesh Hunters, Virus.

Tagline : "POW's in Vietnam, Starved in captivity, Released with a taste for human flesh."

Cannibal ApocalypseSomewhat different to the other cannibal movies produced by Italian film makers during the early 80's, this film was actually shot in the US city of Atlanta and concerns the antics of a few ex-army Vietnam veterans who've developed a taste for human flesh.

Horror veteran John Saxon stars as ex-US army officer Norman Hopper, who's been having a bit of trouble adjusting back to normal life after serving in the Vietnam war. Plagued with nightmares about a rescue mission, where some POW's, caged in a bamboo trap bit him on the arm. He suddenly finds himself developing a taste for raw meat himself, and keeps getting overwhelming urges to bite people. As he does when the neighbours 16 year old daughter pops round to borrow the hairdryer (oooo-eeeerrrr missus).

The real fun begins when his old ex-army friend Charlie Bukowski (played by video nasty regular John Morghen) is released from psychiatric care, only to go out and bite a great chunk out of some girls neck in a cinema. He subsequently gets chased into a nearby shopping complex by an angry mob, where he grabs a shotgun and then goes on the rampage against them.

Norman's doctor starts to run some tests on him and Charlie, and discovers that the cannibalistic urges they've been getting are the result of a rabies-like virus they contracted in Nam, and is spread by biting. But this discovery comes too late to prevent Norman from busting Charlie back out of the hospital, along with some of their other ex-combat partners, and heading off into the city on a flesh hunt!

A few hospital workers and a bike gang are amongst the first victims, along with some garage mechanics, one of which gets his arm cut up with a circular saw for them to munch on (lovely!). But by now the cops have found out what's happening and are quick to respond, chasing the cannibalistic clan into the sewers where a final shootout takes place with shotguns and flamethrowers (talk about being heavy handed).

Directed by Antonio Margheriti, this is actually quite a good action movie and is definitely not your standard Italian exploitation pic. The special effects by Gainetto Di Rossi are very good, especially the scene where John Morghen gets a football sized shotgun blast hole through his chest. Great stuff indeed!!!

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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