Alternate titles : Ultimo Mondo Cannibal, Mondo Cannibal 2 : Teil Ver Vogelmensch, Cannibal, Carniverous, Jungle Holocaust, The Last Survivor, De Laastse Kanninbalen.

Tagline : "A Stone Age World of Horrors... Only One Survived".

Last Cannibal WorldPrior to making the infamous "Cannibal Holocaust", Italian director Ruggerro Deodato made his debut in cannibal country with this lesser known entry into the flesh eating sub-genre, with a number of familiar faces from Umberto Lenzi's earlier "Deep River Savages".

Set in the Philippines, a group of oil company representatives fly out into the jungle, to visit a site they believe is rich in untapped oil resources. Unfortunately, when they arrive at the site, company Boss Robert Harper (Massimo Foschi), is alarmed to find no trace of his workers, and only the remains of the tents and equipment they had set up.

With it being close to nightfall, they're forced to wait until morning before attempting to take off again. But their hopes of leaving at first light are subsequently dashed, when the female crew member goes missing. A subsequent search proves disasterous, as after finding her body being hacked up by primitive natives and turned into barbeque. The co-pilot then gets killed by a spike ball trap, and Rolf get's seperated from his friend Rolf (Ivan Rassimov).

Poor old Robert then finds himself being captured by the natives, who drag him back to their cave, strip him naked and subject him to various indignities, before caging him up for use as future alligator bait. Not overly keen with this depressing prospect, he manages to escape with the help of a sympathetic native girl (played by Me Me Lai). Where he then begins the arduous task of trying to find his way back to the aeroplane.

Fans of Deadato's later film "Cannibal Holocaust" will undoubtedly be interested in seeking out this film, although whilst it is an entertaining watch, it doesn't have the same style or grace. Also, like almost every other cannibal film, there's the usual depressing bouts of animal cruelty, which range from an anaconda swallowing an iguana, to a live alligator being gutted. So this probably won't appeal to many.

Overall Marks : 3/10 (would have given it a 5, but gets down voted due to the animal violence).

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