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Tagline : "Frightning Strikes Twice!"

House 2 : The Second StoryNew house, new story. This time the plot revolves around a young lad named Jesse (Ayre Gross), who has just inherited his parents old house out in the country.

Checking the place out with his girlfriend Kate (Lar Park Lincoln) and friends Charlie (Jonathan Stark) and Jana (Amy Yasbeck) they discover that Jesse's great great grandfather, who was an outlaw in the old west, was rumoured to have been buried with an ancient Aztec crystal skull, that was said to posses great powers. So they decide to head over to the old cemetery, to see if this is true.

Having dug up his grave, they do indeed find the skull. But also find a very well rested grandpa (Royal Dano), and this is where the fun begins! Gramps (as he likes to be known) explains that the Skull does indeed contain great powers, and that the house is actually a temple built to protect it. Low and behold, as soon as they return home with the skull, all manner of wierd things start happening as the forces of evil attempt to make off with it.

Jesse, Charlie and Gramps are subsequently forced to go through a series of weird adventures, aided along the way by a bizarre electrician adventurer named Bill (John Ratzenberger), as they try to get the skull back. Battling Aztecs and cavemen, including a baby Pterodactyl which proceeds to run amok round the house, before finally coming face to face with Gramps old enemy Slim who's apparently been behind all the ghostly goings on.

As you can probably tell, the sense of humour in this film is far more prevalent than in the previous feature, which was more of a black comedy. Personally speaking, I thought this was the best of the quartet of "House" films, even though the emphasis here is more on humour then horror. If you enjoyed the first movie, or you enjoy comical horror farces, you'll undoubtedly love this one.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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