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Tagline : "Horror has found a new home...Enter at your own risk."

HouseFriday the 13th stalwarts Sean Cunningham and Steve Miner team up once again to bring us this enjoyable horror spoof about a horror novelist who gets more than he bargained for when he takes over the home of his late aunt.

Author Roger Cobb (William Katt), is a respected horror writer. Having just separated from his actress wife Sandy (Kay Lenz), he decides to move into the house of his late aunt, whilst he works on his latest novel about his experiences during the Vietnam war. His aunt always claimed that the house was haunted, but of course Roger never believed that. Until now that is.

It starts off right after he moves in, with him seeing ghostly visions of his missing son. Then strange creatures start emerging from the wardrobes, the tools in the shed apparently come to life and proceed to start chasing him round the house, strange troll like creatures try and snatch the young boy he's looking after when he gets lumbered with babysitting, and to top it all off his ex wife apparently turns into one of the Evil Dead!

Matters are not helped by nosey neighbour Harold (played by George Went, AKA Norm from "Cheers") who continually pops round to stick his nose into Roger's affairs. It soon becomes evident that the strange goings on in the house are somehow linked to his Vietnam flashbacks, but how is this happening and why?

Friday the 13th fans may wish to check this one out. It's not rip-roaringly funny, but it certainly has it's moments. Particularly the scene where the neighbours dog digs up a dismembered zombie hand which then runs amok round the house. Some may find the film a touch slow in places, but overall I found it quite entertaining.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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