Alternate titles : Hellraiser 7 : Deader

Tagline : "No escape from the terrifying evil."

Hellraiser : Deader (Part 7)The seventh film in the series stars horror B-movie actress Kari Wuhrer as investigative news journalist Amy Klein, who has been looking into the activities of a bizarre suicide cult, that can apparently bring themselves back to life.

Tracking down the cult, who call themselves Deaders, to Bucharest. She finds they're being lead by a man named Winter LeMerchand (Paul Rhys), who claims to be an ancestor of the guy who designed Pinheads puzzle box (you may remember the box being invented by a guy named LeMerchant in part 4).

It turns out that Winter has been able to tap into the world of the Cenobites using one of their Lament Configuration boxes, and has been using their powers to bring the dead back to life. For some reason Winter and his followers want to either take over hell, or control pinhead, or something (not quite sure what), and he needs Amy's help, because she is the only one that can get the puzzle box to open for them.

Anyway, Pinhead isn't too happy about this and he wants to use Amy to help sort them out. Quite what is going on in the film gets progressively harder to fathom out, as it descends into a series of flashbacks within flashbacks and it's "Jacob's Ladder" all over again, as you're never quite sure whether Amy is in the real world, in hell, or just dreaming.

Directed by Rick Bota, who also directed the previous film "Hellseeker", this was another sequel that started life as an unrelated movie, but Dimension films decided to rewrite it as a Hellraiser sequel, which accounts for the disjointed storyline.

Doug Bradley is back as Pinhead, though as with with previous couple of movies, he and the other Cenobites aren't really in it that much, and fans of the earlier films who have been so far disappointed with the later sequels will undoubtedly not like this one much better. It's Not a bad movie I guess, but as with the other films from part 5 onwards, isn't a patch on the earlier ones.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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