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Tagline : "It will tear your soul apart...again"

Hellbound : Hellraiser 2Following directly on from the first film, Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Lawrence) has been taken to a nearby psychiatric hospital to recover from the traumatic events she's suffered, and to have her mental health evaluated, given that the police find her story about demons coming from puzzle boxes none too convncing.

Unfortunately for her, the head of the practice, Dr Channard (Kenneth Cranham), turns out to be another idiot with a fanatical interest in the old Chinese puzzle box and so resurrects Kirsty's evil stepmother, Julia (Clare Higgins), in order to help him open it and unleash it's power.

Giving the box to a mute patient called Tiffany (Imogen Boormen), who has a talent for solving complex puzzles. She soon opens the box, and Pinhead (Doug Bradley again) and his group of Cenobites appear. But fortunately, they take Dr Channard instead.

Meanwhile, Kirsty and Tiffany enter the Cenobites realm, as they try to find the sole of Kirsty's father, only to come up against Aunt Julia and Uncle Frank once more, as well as the newly cenobitised Dr Channard, as they try to find a way out.

A very worthy sequel, which fans of the original should not be disappointed with. There's plenty of blood and nastiness and an interesting scene where we get to learn how Pinhead came to be. An excellent companion piece to part 1.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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