Alternate titles : Hellraiser 6 : Hellseeker

Tagline : "Evil, Deadly, Immortal."

Hellraiser : Hellseeker (Part 6)Hellbound babe Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Laurence) returns, but not for long as her husband Trevor (Dean Winters) loses control of their car right at the start of the film and they plunge headfirst into a river.

Only Trevor survives, but is soon being questioned by the police who suspect the crash was no accident. But it seems that accusations of murder are the least of his worries. Although physically recovering from the crash he starts to experience vision inducing headaches that involve Pinhead and multiple flashbacks to his past.

As the story unfolds, the strange visions he gets with his headaches become so frequent and intense it no longer become clear to him (or indeed the viewer) what's real or not anymore. You just knew it was a big mistake buying his wife that lament puzzle box as an anniversary present.

If you were disappointed with part 5 and were expecting a return to the format of the earlier films you're in for another disappointment. Whilst Pinhead does get a bit more on-screen time in this film, the story is basically a re-write of part 5, using the exact same formula. The story also goes against some already established plot lines, regarding Pinhead's relationship with Kirsty.

This film could have easily been made without re-introducing Ashley Laurence's character, but it seems they dragged her into it to try and boost sales after Part 5's lacklustre performance. Whilst the story does redeem itself somewhat with the neat twist in the ending, and proves marginally better than Part 5, it still pails in comparison to the earlier movies.

Overall Marks : 3.5/10.

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