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Tagline : "What began in Hell will end on Earth"

Hellraiser 3 : Hell on EarthPinhead returns for a third outing, in a film with a title that sadly promises more than it actually delivers. TV reporter Joey Summerskill (Terry Farrel) witnesses a bizarre death in a hospital emergency room, as a young lad is rushed in with chained hooks impaled through his body. As the doctors attempt to deal with him, the chains suddenly come alive and tear him to pieces.

Attempting to piece togethor what happened, she questions the young girl who came in with him, Terri (Paula Marshall). Who informs her, the lad had stolen a lament configuration box from a statue at a local nightclub. Which the owner acquired from the Channard institute.

Yes, it seems the statue is of none other than Pinhead himself (Doug Bradley reprising his role), who comes alive after the club owner J.P. Monroe (Kevin Bernhardt) injures himself and spills blood onto it. Enlisting his help to bring him some female victims, he quickly goes about taking their blood, so he can be freed from the statue.

Of course, once free, he proceeds to wreak havok in the nighclub. Killing the patrons and turning the staff into Cenobites, before heading outside to cause mayhem on the streets and bring Hell on Earth, unless Joey can work out how to use the Lament Configuration box to stop him.

Whilst I did enjoy this film, which contains some genuinely gripping scene's, unfortunately it takes far too long to get going. Pinhead spends most of the film imprisoned in this statue whilst Joey seems to waste too much time trying to figure out what's ging on, when we all ready know.

That being said though this is still a very good movie, especially the scene where the new Cenobites are confronted by armed police, which doesn't end well (just a pity more of the film didn't feature scenes like this). Also it was good to see Ashley Laurence reprising her role, albeit rather breifly.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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