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Tagline : In Space no one can smell rotten eggs

Critters 4 : Critters in SpaceHaving enjoyed all three previous "Critters" films, I was thoroughly looking forward to this fourth instalment. So you can imagine my utter disappointment at what a complete load of rubbish it turned out to be.

Picking up directly from the end of part 3, we see Charlie (Don Opper) placing the last remaining Krite eggs into a bio preservation pod. Unfortunately he doesn't manage to get back out in time before the pod blasts off again, and so he gets cryogenically frozen along with the eggs.

Fast forward to the year 2045, and the crew of a deep space salvage ship come across the pod floating through space and are subsequently contacted by a certain Councillor Ug Tetra (yep, Terrance Mann again) to take it to a nearby unmanned space station for collection.

Unfortunately, upon arrival, the Captain (Anders Hove) decides to crack open the pod. Freeing the bewildered Charlie, who's been held in stasis all these years, and unleashing the Critters on to the space station.

Sadly, what looked like it might be an amusing Alien rip off, takes a sharp nosedive from this point onwards, as there's only actually two critters on the station, which severely limits the amount of mayhem in the script. The plot trundles along at a dreary pace, wasting it's time following the characters wandering aimlessly round the space station, and very little else. There's very little humour to speak off, and the film really isn't very entertaining as it suffers from a distinct lack of Critter (I mean only 2 critters for Christ's sakes?).

A big disappointment which promised so much, and yet delivered so little. Not even the inclusion of horror veteran Brad Douriff was able to save this.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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