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Tagline : "When you've got critters, you need all the help you can get"

CrittersWhen farmer Jay Brown (Billy Green Bush) spots something landing in the next field one night, it's the beginning of a non-stop nightmare, as he and his family (which includes genre regulars Dee Wallace Stone and Billy Zane) find their farmhouse besieged by some rather unfriendly alien fur balls, that will eat anything and everything, hoping to satisfy their insatiable appetites.

Charlie the town drunk (Don Opper) is the only other person who's seen the space ship land, but of course the local Sheriff (M Emmet Walsh) doesn't believe him. Help is at hand though, as a couple of shape changing intergalactic space mercenaries, Ug and Li, who touch down hoping to locate and destroy the remaining critters, and subsequently go about shooting up the entire town in their search for them.

The townsfolk are puzzled by the arrival of these two futuristic strangers, why does on of them looklike rock singer Johnny Steele (Terrance Mann)? How come the other is able to change his appearance to resemble the other townsfolk every 5 mins? and who are what are these "krites" they are searcing for?

Meanwhile, the Brown family are busy defending their farmhouse with shotguns and home made fireworks. Can the space mercenaries locate the critters in time? Will the police finally believe Charlie and come to the aid of the Brown family, or will he have to do the job himself? If you don't know, then you obviously haven't seen the film yet. If so, why not?

Whilst the film was undoubtedly released to cash in on the success of "Gremlins" in the mid-late 80's ("There's nothing new in Hollywood" as one reviewer said about it at the time), this is still a thoroughly enjoyable slice of sci-fi/horror hokum, and is definitely a must see for all those who like tongue in cheek horror spoofs.

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