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Tagline : "First they destroyed a farm, then they terrorised a town. Now, they're ready to do some REAL damage."

Critters 3Released direct to video here in the UK, the producers decided that there was still more money to be milked from the series yet. This time, a family stopping to change a tyre near the town of Grovers Bend (the setting of the previous films) unwittingly take on a few unwanted hitchhikers (no prizes for guessing what).

Arriving back at their city apartment block, the Krites quickly take up residence in the basement of the building, and proceed to run amok throughout.

Barricading themselves on the top level, the tennents attempt to fend the critters off. But matters are complicated by the arrival of their greedy landlord (William Dennis Hunt) who wants to evict them all, and subsequently shuts off the power and cuts all the telephone lines.

With their outlook becoming increasingly bleak, it's down to Charlie (Don Opper reprising his role) to once more turn up in the nick of time and try and save the day. But will he be too late?

Perhaps not quite as good as the previous 2 films, Critters 3 is nonetheless still an enjoyable third outing for the killer alien fur balls. Terrance Mann briefly reprises his role as Ug, the alien bounty hunter, and look out for a very young Leonardo DeCaprio who turns up as the landlord's stepson Josh, in one of his forst film roles.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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