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Tagline : "Get ready for seconds, they're back!"

Critters 2 : The Main CourseYes, the krites are back! It's been a few years since the events of the first film, and many people in the small mid-western town of Grovers Bend are convinced that the story about alien fur balls attacking the farm outside of town was invented by the Brown family.

Arriving back in town to visit his Grandmother is young Brad Brown (played by Scott Grimes again), but unfortunately the towns Easter celebrations are about to be gate crashed by a few unwanted visitors that have hatched from some leftover eggs that were not definitely not delivered by any Easter bunny....

First on the agenda is killing the new sheriff, before going onto run amok through the town, much to the alarm of the townsfolk. But all is not lost, as also making a return are the two alien bounty hunters, Ug (Terrance man again) and Li (the one with the identity crisis), who together with their new assistant Charlie (Don Opper reprising his role) set about wiping out the critters with their high tech guns, as the Krites proceed to terrorise local hamburger joints and wipe out the towns stock of cattle.

This is another highly enjoyable outing for the killer fur balls, the critters antics just get more bizarre (checkout the giant killer critter-ball near the end), and the attempts of the alien bounty hunters to stop them just gets goofier and goofier. Again, a very good sequel. At least as good as the first!

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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