Alternate titles : Child's Play 5.

Tagline : "Time to raise some hell."

Seed of ChuckyIt's been 5 long years since Chucky last graced the cinema (or indeed video) screens, but after several false starts and numerous negotiations with the distributors, the fifth film eventually arrived. Was it worth the wait? Read on....

Set 5 years on from the last film, we see Chucky's offspring (voiced by Billy Boyd) having been captured by a cruel biker, and used as part of his ventriloquists act. But after seeing an advert for an upcoming film entitled "Chucky Goes Psycho", based on the "supposed" true events our favourite killer dolls, he escapes and mails himself over to the movie studios hoping for a family reunion.

Having resurrected his parents, Chucky and Tiffany (voiced by Brad Douriff and Jennifer Tilly again), they hitch a ride back with actress Jennifer Tilly (making a double appearance, playing herself) where they come up with a fiendish new plan to transfer their bodies into new hosts, bumping off numerous hapless souls along the way.

More of a campy comedy than a horror film, and featuring some interesting guest roles, including cult director John Waters and rapper Redman, this fifth Childs Play film is something of a climb down from the antics of its predecessor, "Bride of Chucky". Though genuinely funny, the film lacks any real depth, owing to them spending too much time hiding out at Jennifer Tilly's mansion and there not being enough on-screen kills, which is probably due this being series producer Don Mancini's first go at Directing.

I would say this is probably a notch better than "Child's Play 3", and whilst not the worst in the series, it's not the best either. I'm sure fans of the series will enjoy it, as indeed I did, though proves to be less satisfying than I'd hoped for.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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