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Tagline : "A Revolution Has Begun."

Tremors 4 : The Legend BeginsYeeeeehaaaawwwww, welcome to the wild west in this Fourth Tremors film, which takes us right back to the year 1812 and to the beginnings of a certain desert town. In which, the workers of Rejection (yes that's REJECTION) Nevada have been having a spot of trouble down in their Silver mine.

Following a spate of mysterious deaths, combined with native superstitions, the locals are refusing to work down there and have even started to leave the town. Notwithstanding, the Mine's owner, a certain Hiram Gummer (Michael Gross), travels to the remote town to find out what the problem is. There they discover the workers have been picked off by some small carnivorous creatures that fly out of the ground and drag their victims back down underneath the soil.

Determined to make the mine workable again, Hiram and the remaining townsfolk hire notorious gunslinger Black Hand Kelly (Billy Drago) to take out these leaping underground critters. But when they find the tiny creatures have grown into something much larger, they realise they're going to need some heavier firepower to get the job done.

Somewhat different in style to its predecessors, overall this is a thoroughly entertaining prequel which, although taking a few liberties with Burt's family history, shows how the town of "Perfection" got started and how the Gummer family developed its obsession with firearms.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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