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Tagline : "They say there's nothing new under the sun. But under the ground..."

TremorsSet in the remote town of Perfection in the Nevada desert, Val and Earl (Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward) decide to quit their menial jobs as handymen and head out of town. But fate intervenes in their departure, as with every attempt to leave they come across a string of dead bodies, dead cattle and, finally, blocked roads, which forces them to turn back.

Unable to explain who or what is behind these bizarre events, they soon get their answer when the townsfolk find themselves being attacked by giant underground creatures with sharp jaws, that burst out of the ground and drag people down under the earth.

With the only road out of town blocked, and the creatures busy digging the buildings out from under them, the townsfolk find themselves stuck up on their roofs, whilst Val and Earl, with the help of their survivalist friend Burt (Michael Gross) try and figure out a way of getting everyone out of town before they all end of as 'Graboid' food.

Overall, this is a really fun monster movie, with the right mix of horror, action and humour. Finn Carter is aptly cast as Rhonda, the leggy geology student, who helps Val and Earl track down the creatures and Michael Gross is hilarious as gun toting survivalist Burt Gummer.

Definitely one to add to your film collection.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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