Sleepaway Camp 3 : Teenage Wasteland title

AKA: Nightmare Vacation 3

Tag line : She's back to slash last years records!

Sleepaway Camp 3 : Teenage WastelandFilmed back-to-back with part 2, the third film in the Sleepaway Camp series plays more heavily on the jokey angle, in which Angela (Pamela Springsteen again) goes back to camp, which has since re-opened as an outdoor centre for underprivileged teens.

The fun begins as the teenage tearaways, who are all gang members from various inner-city slums, all start fighting and calling each other politically incorrect names. But Angela, who's posing as one of the kids, wastes no time in carving her way through the immoral bunch, before starting on the staff members, which includes character actor Michael J Pollard (House of 1000 Corpses, American Gothic).

This definitely boasts some of the more interesting killer scenes of the series, which includes death by tent peg, death by camping stove and best of all death by lawnmower!!!!!

Though not overly gory (thanks to the US censors making the film makers cut virtually everything) this is a worthy follow up, that fans of the series should enjoy.

Overall marks : 5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Tracy Griffith, who plays Marcia, originally auditioned for the role of Angela in part 2. She's also the half sister of Melanie Griffith.

  • The films sub-title "Teenage Wasteland" comes from the song Baba O'Reilly by "The Who" .

  • The film was made on the same set and at the same time as part 2.

  • The hockey mask Angela drags from the water during the fishing scene was the same one used by her in the previous film.

  • Virtually every single death scene was shortened at the insistence of the US censors board to avoid getting an NC17 rating. Most notably the lawnmower death scene. The original full length death scenes are included on the current US and UK DVD's by Anchor Bay as extras, along with an alternate longer and gorier ending with Angela singing the "Angela rap" before the end titles cut in.

  • There were approximately 10 scenes, either shortened or removed, for pacing reasons from the final cut of the film that were not included in the extras on current US or UK DVD's. These were a longer intro scene of Maria passing Angela in the street and Angela being bemused by Heavy Metal fan who passes her. A longer shot of Angela's body before Peter throws the firecracker and a longer scene of Herman flirting with Jan. Lilly and Snoboy's conversation on why the girls and boys can't sleep together was longer, and there's a couple of extra scenes where Anita goes to the bathroom after becoming tired of all the 'Angela talk' and where Lilly hands Barney a map and asks where Anita is. The scene where the girls leave Angela behind in the cabin is extended and there's a longer scene of Barney's group walking in the woods. Lastly, before Bobby is killed, he originally remarked that Angela probably went to get a condom.

  • The original UK release as "Nightmare Vacation 3" was not cut by the BBFC, but was the same as the pre-cut US R rated version. The current UK DVD is this same version.

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