Alternate titles : Nightmare Vacation 2.

Tagline : "When you go camping, just take the essentials!"

Sleepaway Camp 2 : Unhappy CampersWith numerous slasher film sequels proving popular at the box office during the 80's, the producers of "Sleepaway Camp" decided there was yet more money to be made, and so a sequel to their original 1983 film was duly commissioned.

This second instalment sees Angela, now played by Pamela Springsteen (yes that's rock star Bruce Springsteen's sister), fully grown and working as a counsellor at another summer camp.

Unfortunately, she takes a very dim view of immorality and proceeds to bump off anybody who misbehaves, generally gets on her nerves, or even looks at her sideways for that matter.

Less serious than it's predecessor, this is more of a black comedy which plays heavily on the old horror movie cliché's that sex, drugs and alcohol will invariably lead to a gruesome death. Which in this case, is carried out by the maniacal Angela by means of power drill, barbeque and even toilet!!!!

The film also carries some rather cheeky references to "Friday the 13th", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Nightmare on Elm Street" in which Angela clashes with some would-be victims in fancy dress. Although perhaps the most frightening thing about this film, as we see during the "Happy Camper" song, is that Pamela's singing and guitar playing is even more shocking than that of her brother Bruce's.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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