Alternate titles : Nightmare Vacation.

Tagline : "You won't be going home."

Sleepaway CampOriginally released in the UK under the title "Nightmare Vacation", this was one of many early 80's slasher films to quickly follow in the wake of Friday the 13th's popularity.

Set at a kids summer camp (how original), the film centres around young orphan Angela Baker (Fellissa Rose), who's there with her cousin Ricky (Johnathon Tierston). Trouble flares when some spiteful teenagers start harassing poor Angela, only to go missing shortly afterwards, and turning up dead in a variety of nasty ways. As does anybody else who happens to upset her.

Suspicion falls upon her overly protective cousin, but fearing claims of a serial killer will be bad for business, the camps owner tries to pass off the recent misfortunes as being a series of bad accidents.

But as more bodies pile up in increasingly suspicious circumstances, including the chef being drenched in scalding water, and one nasty girl being brutally knifed in the shower "Psycho" style, it looks like a killer is indeed at work.

Not as good as the other films of this ilk from around that era, this is an enjoyable enough slasher pic, though it pails in comparison to Friday the 13th. There are some rather good kill scenes though and it also manages to pull off one of the most bizarre plot twists ever during the films climax.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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