Shaun of the Dead

Tag Line : A Romantic comedy.....with zombies!!!

Shaun of the Dead boxShaun (Simon Pegg) has been having a very bad day. It's been extremely rough at work, he then gets home to find his girlfriend has dumped him, and worst of all he's forgotten its his parents anniversary.

After a heavy night of drowning his sorrows, he wakes up the following morning to the alarming news that the dead are coming back to life and attacking the living. At first he thinks he's still drunk, but after a run in with several undead in his back yard, he's forced to realise that the events going on around him are real and not just part of his hangover.

With zombies overrunning his neighbourhood, he decides to try and win his girlfriend back by saving her and her friends, along with his parents, and barricading themselves in the local pub. This is where the fun really begins as Shaun and his friends are forced to fight back the masses of undead trying to break in.

Although a fun send up of Romero's living dead films, my one criticism would be there was too much time spent showing the characters sat idly round bickering, instead of getting on with the action. That being said there's some fun gags, such as where they try and sneak past the zombies by walking slowly and moaning, and the fight in the pub to the tune of Queen's "Don't Stop me Now".

I've you're a fan of the TV series "Spaced", in which Simon Pegg and some of the other cast also starred, I'm sure you'll appreciate the humour more and will undoubtedly love it.

Overall Marks : 5.5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines, "Ever felt like you were surrounded by zombies?", "In a time of crisis a hero must rise, from his sofa!", "Bought Coffee, Called Mum, Dodged Zombies!".

  • Many of the zombies were actually fans of the TV series Spaced, which also stars Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and was also directed by Edgar Wright. They were recruited through the "Spaced Out" fan website.

  • The shop where Shaun works, "Foree Electrical", was named after actor Ken Foree who was in the original "Dawn of the Dead".

  • One of the zombies who can be occasionally seen in the film wearing a yellow cycling helmet and shorts was played by comedian Michael Smiley, who also appeared in "Spaced" as a cycle courier named "Tyres".

  • The restaurant Shaun tried to book a table at was called  "Fulci's fish restaurant", this was named after director Lucio Fulci who directed "Zombie Flesh Eaters".

  • All the newsreaders and presenters featured on the TV as Shaun is flicking round the channels were real presenters playing themselves.

  • Prior to the release of the film, British comic "2000AD" featured a story in issue 1384 entitled "There's something about Mary", which tied into the films plot, showing you how the zombie girl, which Shaun and Ed discover in their back yard, got turned into one of the undead.

  • The news report at the end of the film saying "claims that the epidemic was caused by rage infected monkeys have been dismissed" was a reference to the British zombie film "28 Days Later".

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