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Tagline : "On the piss. On the pull. On the menu!"

Doghouse A group of foul mouthed lads, all sporting a decidedly sexist streak, decide to head on over to a remote country village for a stag weekend, where the girls are said to outnumber the men 4:1.

Expecting a weekend of booze, babes and partying, they're somewhat shocked to find all the men in the village have been brutally murdered as some experimental military virus (and it isn't bird-flu) has been accidentally unleashed, turning all the women into blood thirsty zombies .

Aided by a soldier named Gavin, the lads subsequently find themselves next on the menu and forced to fight the ultimate battle of the sexes against the hoards of undead women who are now, quite literally, after their blood.

Gory, funny, action packed and loaded with sexist humour, this is in my view the ULTIMATE "bloke" movie. Directed by Jake West, who gave us "Evil Aliens" and starring Danny Dyer from "Severance" along with Noel Clark (AKA Mickey from Dr Who), this is consistently funnier and more action packed than Shaun of the Dead and I can't believe this film wasn't a bigger success at the box office.

The only minor gripe I would make about the film was that I felt it didn't really come to an end, it just sort of stopped. I rather got the impression they ran out of ideas so just stopped writing. However, don't let that put you off, as this is only a minor detail on what is otherwise a HUGELY enjoyable film. Indeed, seeing this for the first time I could honestly say I've never laughed out loud so much at any horror comedy and it certainly doesn't skimp on the gore.

In short, if you liked "Shaun of the Dead", you'll love this. Also, lookout for UK horror scream queen and Horror Channel host Emily Booth as a hairdresser zombie.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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