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Tagline : "Obey the Rules of the Trilogy... or die."

Scream 3Arguably the best in the series, the third and (supposedly) final outing for Sidney, Gale and Dewey concerns the antics of yet another copy-cat killer in a Ghostface mask, who's been busy turning the script of the forthcoming film "Stab 3 : Return to Woodsboro" into reality, and has started murdering the cast of the feature, along with their real-life counterparts.

Deputy Dewey (David Arquette) happens to be working on the set as a script advisor, and immediately falls out with the Detective in charge, Mark Kincaid (Patrick Dempsey). Then to compound matters further, they're then joined by nosey journalist Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) who's sniffing round after another story.

Of course, it's Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) that the killer is really after, but what is the killers interest in her this time round, and why does he keep sending her pictures of her late mother, Maureen, every time he commits a murder?

Joining Dewey, Gale and the Stab 3 cast on the movie set, the hunt for the killer is on. But as the bodies pile up and more pictures of Sidney's mother start appearing, it looks like the killer might have personal grudges against both the film and young Sidney. But what could it be, and why the need to kill all these other people?

Directed again by Wes Craven, but written this time by Ehren Kruger (cool name that), the film packs more of the ghoulish thrills and chills that fans of the series will love, as Ghostface proceeds to carve his way through the cast.

Lance Henricksen also stars, playing a movie producer and Jamie Kennedy also makes a guest appearance as horror nerd Randy Meeks (presumably to appease disgruntled fans who were unhappy about what happened to him in Part 2). Overall I really dug this, my only complaint would be that there's too much of Dewey and Gale goofing about, and not enough of the lovely Neve Campbell, but overall this is a really cool slasher pic.

Overall Marks : 8/10.

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