Alternate titles : None.

Tagline : "Fear Revisited!"

[REC]2Taking place immediately after the first film, a heavily armed Police SWAT team is sent into the building, along with a forensic medical examiner, to find out what's happened and search for survivors. Of course, it isn't too long before the zombies show themselves and the officers find they're fighting for their lives.

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of infected, they find they are unable to leave until the medical examiner authorises the authorities to let them out, and says he will not do so until they find a particular blood sample, which should be located in one of the apartments.

Searching for the samples, whilst trying to fend off the infected tenants, it seems the medical examiner knows a lot more about this virus than he's letting on. But what has really happened here, and why do the infected seem to back off when he starts quoting bible verses at them?

As with the first film, this movie is in Spanish language with English subs and is told from a first person perspective. Though unlike the first film, this one is told in 3 parts. The 1st is seen through the helmet cameras on the Police SWAT team, the second being told through the camcorders of a group of urban explorers who've sneaked into the building to see what the fuss is about. The 3rd and final part, which makes up the films finale as the 2 plots converge, is told through the TV camera of one of the survivors of the first film, who makes a surprise appearance towards the end.

Kind of a cross between "Aliens" and "Demons", the film is much more action orientated than the first, though its safe to say that this isn't a full on action film. Relying heavily on atmosphere to build suspense. I really enjoyed the original and was not disappointed with this sequel, so if you liked the first "[REC]", this film comes highly recommended.

Overall Marks : 7.5/10.

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