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Tagline : "The most deadly mutant virus just went airborne and escape is not an option."

Movie TitleSet straight after Part 1, a group of passengers are setting off on a late night flight from LA International Airport. But as the plane takes off, one of them suddenly becomes violently ill and proceeds to attack the other passengers and crew.

He is quickly subdued by several crew members and fellow passengers, but one of the stewardesses is severely injured during the fight. Bleeding heavily and with the infected passenger not showing any signs of calming down, despite his restraints, the captain makes an emergency landing in Las Vegas.

But once on the ground, they then find the control tower refuses to give them clearance to dock at any of the nearby terminals. With events on the plane beginning to escalate, the pilots take matters into their own hands and manoeuvre the aircraft to an empty terminal building, where they manage to disembark.

However, once inside, they find all the doors into the main building are on lockdown and they become stuck in the baggage area. When one of the ground crew, who's trying to help them, tries to contact the tower on his radio, he finds that the plane has been placed under quarantine and that they are not allowed to leave.

With the plane and building surrounded by armed soldiers, the infection beginning to spread to the other surviving members and attempts by the authorities to administer some sort of antidote to them going predictably awry, it soon becomes clear they're going to have to rely on their own wits to get out of there alive, as the authorities seem more interested in containing rather than helping.

Ditching the "first person" perspective of the original film, "Quarantine 2 : Terminal" may not have had as larger budget as its predecessor, or any name actors (being a direct to video sequel), but it is still a highly effective, fast paced and extremely enjoyable horror film, which in some ways is actually better than the first.

I should point out that whereas the original movie was a remake of the Spanish film "[REC]", this sequel is completely unrelated to "[REC]2". But in any case, if you enjoyed those films, or the likes of "The Crazies" and "28 Days Later", you should have a blast with this. In fact I can't believe this didn't get a theatrical release as it's certainly better than a lot of the films you can find at the cinema these days.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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