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Tagline : "Experience Fear"

[REC]With the horror market dominated primarily by the US and UK film industries, its always refreshing when a good, foreign language film comes along, once in a while.

Set in Barcelona, this 2007 Spanish horror film has a TV crew following the Fire Department around as part of a "fly-on-the-wall" documentary series about the emergency services, when they get a call to help the police and ambulance crews break into the flat of an old lady.

Believing her to be injured and trapped inside, the emergency crews force their way inside, only to find her suffering from some rabies like virus, as she subsequently tries to attack them, taking a huge bite out of one of the police officers in the process.

Having subdued the woman, they attempt to leave, only to find the authorities have sealed off the doors and placed the building under quarantine. With no one allowed to enter or leave, the firemen and police officers stuck inside find themselves fighting a battle for survival with the remaining tenants, as the rabies like virus starts spreading amongst them, turning the infected into blood thirsty killers, whilst the documentary team captures all the shocking scenes on their cameras.

Filmed in Spanish with English sub-titles, the movie is told from a "first person perspective", using footage entirely from the film crews camera, and is probably best described as a cross between "Blair Witch", "Dawn of the Dead" and the TV series "Third Watch".

It's not what you might call an action movie, relying heavily on atmosphere, and the storyline might not be completely original, but it certainly has its moments, featuring bloody shocks and scares aplenty. If you are a fan of zombie films and you have yet to see this, you should most definitely check this one out.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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