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Tag Line : Silent, Invisible, Invincible. He's in town with a few days to kill.

Predator 2Set in the not too distant future of 1997 (OK, this was released in 1990), this latest adventure swaps the enigmatic settings of the Latin American jungle, for the turbulent world of Los Angeles city.

Danny Glover takes the leading role this time, playing Lt Mike Harrigan, a tough LA cop whose police force seem to be fighting a losing battle against the rival Columbian and Jamaican drugs gangs who are fighting for control over the city's drug supplies.

Starting off with a violent street shoot-out between an armed gang of Columbian drug dealers and the police. Lt Harrigan and his team are unaware that something has been watching the action and is about to join in. When the hideout is rocked by an explosion, the police storm the building only to find someone has beaten them to it, and left a string of mangled corpses behind.

Initially they believe the Jamaican's had something to do with it, but when the same thing happens to a rival Jamaican gang, they realise something else is going on. Yes it seems the Predator has come to town and is literally painting the town red!

However their efforts to discover who or what is behind these slayings are hampered by a mysterious DEA officer named Keys (Gary Busey), who orders them off the case. But Keyes has his own agenda going, he's really working for Air-Force Intelligence, and is out to capture the Predator for himself.

But when the police become the predators next target,  after one of Harrigan's team is killed, matters become personal, climaxing in a mass shoot out as The Predaor wipes out Keyes team and Harrigan intervenes with rocket launchers and machine guns.

Overall this is a great film. Arnie was sadly absent from this movie, but the ensemble cast of action movie stars helps make up for this, which includes the likes of Bill Paxton (from "Aliens") and hard man Robert Davi. Whilst the emphasis appears to be on action, rather than Horror/Sci-fi, I would like to recommend it to you as this is still a great movie, not quite in the same calibre as the first, but very enjoyable.

Overall marks : 7/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines... "Hunting season opens again", "The Ultimate Hunter".

  • Arnie was uninterested in filming a sequel, so the lead part went instead to action film star Danny Glover, who had worked with producer Joel Silver on the "Lethal Weapon" films.

  • The predator was played again by Kevin Peter Hall.

  • The screenplay was loosely adapted from a Predator comic book story entitled "The Heat" which was published in the late 80's by Dark Horse comics in the US.

  • Patrick Swayze was approached to star in the film, but had to decline as he had injured himself whilst filming "Roadhouse".

  • The opening gunfight between the Police and El-Scorpio gang took 3 days to film.

  • The annoying news reporter, Tony Pope, was played by American "shock" chat show host Morton Downey Junior.

  • First film to be given the new NC-17 rating by the US ratings board (which replaced the X rating). It was subsequently cut down to achieve an R-rating.

  • The scene where Harrigan meets King Willy in the alleyway, before the Predator turns up, was one of the hardest scenes to shoot as it was in a very rough neighbourhood and people in the nearby apartments, who didn't like the noise, would pelt debris and faeces down at the crew below. The garbage and debris in the alley was not set dressing, but actual rubbish that was left there and the crew even found a dead body amongst the waste one evening.

  • Elpidia Carrillo, who played Anna in the first film, had filmed a debriefing scene which was going to be used in this, but it ended up being cut. She was still listed in the credits and a still image of her can be seen on one of the monitors in Keys mobile headquarters when he's talking to Harrigan.

  • As with the first Predator, this film was cut to receive a "Not under 16" rating for video release and TV broadcast in Germany. Almost every violent part was either shortened or completely removed. This was later re-issued uncut in 2001.

  • If you look closely at the skulls in the Predator's trophy room, a skull from one of the creatures from the "Alien" movies can be seen on display.

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